Look at these A-Holes. Now available as teas! Weird.

Marvel asked that these be taken down so they’re not for sale anymore, but dangit I worked really hard on the labels and they were only up for a few days so I’m going to reblog this anyway and sigh all the way into space


pestilos asked:

OMG the tail height/dominance thing bothers me so much! i have a min pin mix and if you know min pins you know they're SUPER CONFIDENT and his taill is always carried so high and like. IT'S NOT DOMINANCE he's just a cocky bastard it's adorable :C confidence is a good thing...

koryos answered:

Yeah, and it’s also just a matter of breed, too. Some tails just naturally stay up. For example: is this dog always dominant?

Well, he might be for all we know, but his tail base also just naturally stays high. It’s really not smart to use just one behavior as your sole determination for something like dominance.

…Which again, is a relationship between two animals, not a character trait. You can’t look at this dog standing alone in the park with his tail up and say “Ah yes, he is the most dominant. Of all the dogs. Which is just himself.”